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BAMBOO is excellent for use as a cutting board because it is harder than Maple wood but not as heavy. This results in a strong board.
BAMBOO keeps kitchen knives and cutlery sharper longer than a hardwood cutting board.
BAMBOO is a renewable resource. The plant is not destroyed when the stalks are harvested. The plant regrows tall (up to 50 feet) and strong replacement stalks in 3 to 5 years.
This CUTTING BOARD is well suited for preparation of large vegetables and fruits such as Bok Choi, Romain and Watermelon.
EASY TO CARE FOR, just clean after each use with soap in warm running water; rinse well; air dry or use a paper towel and please "do not put me in the dishwasher". Treat the board from time to time with food grade mineral oil.

SAFE because NO STAINS, DYE OR VARNISHES are used in the production of your board.

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