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  • Name: Bamboo Recipe Box
  • No.: Bamboo Recipe Box with Acrylic R
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Product description:
Bamboo recipe box with acrylic recipe card holder is a great way to store and organize the family secret recipes. Included is a bamboo recipe bow with magnetic lid closure, an acrylic card holder, and 6 recipe tabs/cards. The acrylic frame keeps cards clean, while your hands get dirty. Unique groove on top of lid keeps the acrylic holder at the right angle and in plain sight. Made of durable and eco-friendly bamboo with magnetic closure.
Measures: 5"H x 6 3/4"L x 4 3/4"W - holds cards up to 4 1/2" x 6"
Top quality material
Made with autoclaved, 100% natural bamboo which guarantees its durability and longevity, the Vinora stemware holder is also a product that was manufactured and can be disposed in a completely environmentally friendly way.
Easy assembly, easy to move
You will have no trouble putting your new wine glass rack together. The few parts are easy to assembly in an intuitive manner. The final result is a holder of manageable size, easy to move in your home for serving or to take with you in a camping trip and enjoy your drinks in nature.

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